Membership Tier 3

$300.00 / month

Everything in tiers 1 and 2, plus a crazy amount of relationships and resources, and an extra level of accountability so we can make sure we succeed together.



  • CityWide Training: You will receive a copy of the CityWide training to run in your city after you train with us at a Train like Jesus 2-day retreat. This is necessary to become a hub trainer in your city.
  • 1 to one coaching with Peyton (1 hour per month): Peyton will set aside an hour to personally disciple you on your journey in a range of subjects (discipleship, evangelism, leadership, church planting, writing).
  • Internship Program Support: Once you’re running CityWide, you have the option of running an internship. Peyton has tailored his training materials to be adapted to an internship program.
  • Access to Peyton’s inbox and cell phone: Peyton is on call for quick answers and ongoing support.


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