Membership with the New Breed Network provides access to fundamental training and healthy principled strategies for the modern church planter.

About Membership

The New Breed Network membership is your place to find a tribe to call home, to personally grow and develop as a planter, and be sent out to plant (or lead - because we already say plant in this statement) a healthier church.

Every church leader and planter deserves a place to call home. Somewhere where they are known and accepted, where they can develop personally and professionally, and where they can embrace proven principles of church planting. Peyton Jones will be your guide through the New Breed Network membership through the development of instantly applicable curriculum, hosting seminars with world-class minds like Carey Nieuwhof, and leading interactive roundtables with all New Breed Network members.

Membership Tier 1


Resources and relationships are what every planter needs. Our entry level tier to the network provides the essentials of both. You get cutting edge, self-paced training from Peyton, and access to the New Breed interactive community where you can ask questions in real-time, and receive regular check-ins for your church and soul.

Church Planter Tactical Training: Peyton’s comprehensive 13 module course on effectively planting a church that will last. 

Access to Jump School: Core Team Training, Peyton Jones' six-month masterpiece course that trains you to train your team in a plug-and-play small group setting.

Voxer: This is our 24/7 peer-to-peer coaching and counseling networking.

Facebook Private Group: Voxer not your thing? Accomplish the same if Facebook is more your jam.

Monthly emails: Every month, Peyton sends an email to you updating you on what’s going on within the network, highlighting resources, and encouraging you in your venture.

Weekly RPMs on Voxer: RPMS are an optional, holistic check-up on Relationships, Physical, Mental, and Spiritual states of planters in the network.

Monthly interactive Q&A Zoom Call: Every month, we host a webinar where Peyton will ask your questions to our distinguished guest during a Q&A time.

Membership Tier 2


Everything in tier one plus lots more access and coaching, plus deeper relationships and resources like access Ralph Moore, Alan Hirsch, Hugh Halter, Brian Sanders, Caesar Kalinowski, Mac Lake, etc…

Jump School Core Team Training Coaching: Peyton will personally coach you through training your core team. 

Weekly Cohort calls: Join Peyton and Andrea for weekly studies going through a predetermined book or subject to deepen your discipleship.

Monthly Mentorship Call: At the end of our monthly webinar, you’ll gain special access to our distinguished guest in a special live break-out group that is exclusive to Tier-2 level members.

Membership Tier 3


Everything in tiers 1 and 2, plus a crazy amount of relationships and resources, and an extra level of accountability so we can make sure we succeed together.

CityWide Training: You will receive a copy of the CityWide training to run in your city after you train with us at a Train like Jesus 2-day retreat. This is necessary to become a hub trainer in your city.

1 to one coaching with Peyton (1 hour per month): Peyton will set aside an hour to personally disciple you on your journey in a range of subjects (discipleship, evangelism, leadership, church planting, writing).

Internship Program Support: Once you’re running CityWide, you have the option of running an internship. Peyton has tailored his training materials to be adapted to an internship program.

Access to Peyton’s inbox and cell phone: Peyton is on call for quick answers and ongoing support.


A Guarantee from Peyton Jones:

"You have my strong guarantee that we will walk with you through the work of planting, and the hard work to be done before it. At new Breed, we care more for you than for your plant. If you’re healthy, your plant will also be healthy. If you sign up, and aren’t happy I will give you a money back guarantee within 14 days. I am convinced I won’t need to however. New Breed is robust in what it offers. I built the network I wish I’d had, and trust that you will notice the difference this makes. If you want to truly plant churches that multiply in the spirit of the apostles, then I would love to consider your application to join the network. Fill out an application today!"

Want insight into church planting news from the New Breed Network?

For over 20 years, Peyton and Andrea Jones have been equipping, training, and developing leaders on the mission field. In 2008, New Breed was officially launched in the UK. In 2011, it officially launched in the U.S. as well. Over the past ten years, Peyton and Andrea have continued to plant and develop planters in various contexts both in America, and abroad. The New Breed newsletter sets you up to receive monthly news about the development of the New Breed network, our planters, and a little about Peyton and Andrea as they continue to lead the movement.

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