May 2020 Newsletter

Breaking Through the Ice

Have you ever seen a movie where somebody is trapped under the ice, fist banging on the underside, bubbles escaping their lungs, and they finally break through with a final inhale of breath?

That’s how I feel coming up for air after 8 months submerged in the writing dungeon delivering a textbook!

Did I say one textbook? 

Yeah…about that. I wrote two. On accident. I didn’t mean to write two. Honest. 

I just happened to be 150, 000 words over word count. 

In the movie world, that’s like Peter Jackson’s extended cut of the Lord of the Rings. Except, I literally have enough content to write another book. Or two. Or three.

Out of the cutting room floor there is easily another textbook, plus two other books on side-topics that emerged.

My agent laughingly replied, “If you’d been paying attention to word count, you’d have had that thing written in three months!”

This is good news. I’ve never had the consolidated chunk of time just to write that this year afforded me. I somehow believe that it marks a seminal epoch in New Breed’s history. More on that, but first, let’s catch up.

Catching Up

After not missing a New Breed newsletter since being overseas, I’ve finally missed two since January! Two!

I apologize for that. Especially in these uncertain times, it’s been a strange time to be out of contact. One important thing to note is that as of May 1st, we no longer receive payments through PushPay. They were charging us weird fees, and we didn’t like the way they were doing kingdom business.

Please go the New Breed site and note our easy giving portal through Tithely. You can switch to giving through Tithely. I have personally chatted with the CEO of Tithely and they are a much better fit for the kingdom ministry that we do.

It will take you less than five minutes to set up a recurring donation by heading over to

That said, I’ve been going deeper into communion with the Father than I have in many years. I’ve felt the presence of the Spirit of God all around me during my time writing. I’ve always jokingly referred to writing as my “prison phase” likening it to Paul’s letters being written in prison, the only way God could slow him down long enough to write. Thankfully, we have the scriptures as a result.

My writings obviously aren’t scripture, but I do feel that the book I’ve written has the possibility of changing the church planting conversation for the next 50 years or so and bring it much more 1st century. This is the book that encapsulates all of the principles that Andrea and I gleaned in the trenches from the book of Acts and applied to our situation be it inner city Long Beach, or Europe in various contexts.

The book is to be called Church Plantology: The Art and Science of Planting Churches. 

I’ll update you more about it as the months unfold.

Going Forward

New Breed remains as committed to equipping planters to plant in hard to reach places as ever.

If you’ve ever wondered what we do, it’s RESOURCES and RELATIONSHIPS.

Most of our planters are bi-vocational, and committed to reaching their communities when there is no financial remuneration.

Therefore, your donations help us to deliver training and coaching to them that they normally couldn’t afford.

Going forward this year, these are our goals:

  1. Establish a local mission to train and equip believers
  2. Establish a local church plant out of the mission to raise up leaders
  3. Establish a local network to facilitate multiplication
  4. Establish a local training center to train planters to multiply.

Did you catch the word local?

There’s a reason for this. Our plan is to expand New Breed in phases.

Phase 1 is to model locally, what we want to expand nationally.

Phase 2 is to expand nationally, by establishing training network hubs in every major city in America. 

To enable our Phase 1 to happen, we will be entering a partnership venture with churches and individuals who want to partner with us in prayer and finances to start a mission-training hub here in San Diego to reach the unreached in our local area.

Training is what Andrea and I have done for over two decades and we’ve decided it’s our sweet spot. We will tell you more about the vision for a training hub next month. If you’d like more details on it, please email me asking to see the outline plan for the Foundry. The Foundry was the name of the training hub that Wesley established in London for his circuit riders.

Catching Up with the Jones’

Lastly, what’s been going on in the Jones house? 

The girls have been doing online school like many of you have experienced in recent months. Being a homeschool parent overnight is no joke! Andrea has been amazing with the girls (as usual) and as a teacher herself, has adjusted to this quite well. I gave her two days off at one point and carried the load briefly and let me say it gave me a special appreciation for what Andrea had been doing during this time of upheaval. 

To keep our sanity, we have been going on bike rides, walks and runs, and doing barbeques. Eden has become a big seven year old, celebrating a birthday a few weeks ago, and Liberty is now 11 and is transitioning to a little girl and into the beautiful young woman that God has created her to be. You can pray for her health right now. We feed her well, give her healthy food, but also push everything we can to get weight on her, but she continues to lose weight despite our best efforts. Prayer has always turned things around for this special girl, so we’d ask you to join with us.

On a side note, Andrea lost her coaching job because of the lockdown, and Peyton has started a new role with Exponential as their content director. He still feeds into the North American Mission Board from time to time as an advisor, but for the next year will be helping Exponential accomplish their mission of changing the statistic of churches that reproduce in America from 7% up to 10%. Hard to believe that only 7%  of churches in America reproduce themselves! 

Well, thanks for catching up with us. When all of this is said and done, and we can see each other face to face, we’d look forward to getting together with those of you who support us. It’s been a long time!

Thanks again for your love and support.

Peyton and Andrea Jones


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