January 2020 Newsletter

Thank you for your support in 2019!

You have no idea how much we were blessed to see you generously pushing the work of the gospel forward through New Breed’s unique and inspiring ministry.

David Thompson pictured (top left) getting ready to preach at the Door’s 3rd church plant in La Pine, Oregon. They eat breakfast, have an open time, and continue to see souls saved (as usual). These guys bleed New Breed.

The Door

9 years ago, when our family landed just outside of Bend to take a writing sabbatical after 12 years on the mission field, we bumped into David Thompson and his family, who’d been praying about planting a church. They just didn’t know where to start.

We discipled Dave and his family, and forged a strong bond that continues to this day. David was the first to read Church Zero, and all of our training. He was our first New Breeder in the U.S.! David planted the Door, a radical, truth preaching, gospel transformation powerhouse church in Central Oregon, and today they are on their 3rd church plant in 9 years. There is a fourth in the works, but the bottleneck is leadership development, hence, the need for training.

This is why New Breed helps train the next generation of leaders. Did you know that the #1 hindrance to kingdom expansion is developing leaders who will go? It’s training. This is why both Jesus and Paul spent the bulk of their ministry training others!

Did you also know that in 2019, New Breed developed 3 new tools to help the kingdom expand rapidly?

  1. Train Like Jesus - We train our trainers to train planters like Jesus did.
  2. CityWide Training - Cohort based team planter training to help you “Plant like Paul”. ‘Nuff said.
  3. Jump School - a 6 month core team curriculum to help planters ensure their teams are ready to take new ground for the kingdom.

So if you summarized our approach to training, the two phrases for 2020 are “Train like Jesus, plant like Paul”. That’s what New Breed is becoming known for in the church planting world. And our goal in 2020 is to equip more than ever!

During this time we’d also like to remind you to please pray for Peyton as he finishes the Church Planting textbook for Zondervan. This will help to put New Breed on the map as one of the eminent voices on planting in the world as this will be Zondervan’s flagship book on planting. We are trying to turn planters back to the New Testament model of planting, which works better than anything else out there!

We want to multiply our impact in 2020 by coaching more churches, training more planters, and gathering more interns... But we need your help!!!!

If you haven't already, would you pray about setting up a recurring monthly gift? We are looking for committed gospel partners to help us assist more planters like David in 2020

Love, the Joneses, and the New Breed Team

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