City Wide Church Planter Training

City Wide Church Planter Training seeks to rediscover the ancient principles of planting when the church was at its most potent. Because of this, we've poured over the New Testament to deliver to you the best of what we train our planters in the New Breed Network.

"I’m not convinced that you can truly train church planters from a distance or from a textbook. Like the apostle Paul’s, face-to-face, boots on the ground, get your hands dirty kind of training is what I’ve always done. Paul took planters-in-training with him, and believed in the incarnational impartation of certain gifts. Therefore, in 2 Corinthians Paul said, “I long to come to you that I may impart some spiritual gift to strengthen you.” Some things just can’t be learned from afar, but are more caught than taught." - Peyton Jones, New Breed Network Founder

City Wide is a 12 month intensive training program that allows your team to train together through interaction, and collaboration. There are two semesters of content, with two separate practicums.

Semester One

Ben Franklin is credited as saying “Tell me and I forget, teach me something and I may remember, involve me and I will learn.” For this reason, we incorporate the best practices from adult learning theory and utilize an understanding of how God created our brains in order to understand how people learn.

Each semester of your training is broken down into three modules consisting of 24 weeks total. Modules in City Wide are reverse-engineered from the top reasons that planters quit, containing four topical lessons, and followed by practical field training days, so you can take what you learn and put it into practice.

  • Module 1: Foundations of Biblical Church Planting
  • Module 2: Calling, Character, and Gifting of a Planter
  • Module 3: Supporting and Sustaining the Mission

Semester Two

  • Module 4: Burden, Contextualization, and Forms
  • Module 5: Missional Engagement
  • Module 6: Discipleship and Multiplication

Every other week students will be engaged on Field Training Practicums where they learn hands-on planting from missional practitioners on the ground.

We have to practically train in the field in order to produce planters who are able to do what they talk and read about. Their ministry training should be outside the church walls, engaging on frontline mission in a way until it becomes a reflex. What we train needs to become unconsciously absorbed as they wax the fence, sand the floor, and wash the cars with us. As Samurai, Philosopher, Ronin, Miyamoto Musashi said, “You can only fight the way you practice”

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