New Breed Network Church Planter Application
Thank you for your interest in New Breed Church Planting Training and Support Network. Our aim is to assist you in determining that your desire to plant churches is based upon principles gleaned from scripture, and that your call has been provided by the Holy Spirit. To that end, we would like to journey with you as you embark on what may be the most intense, adventurous, and difficult road you’ve ever traveled.
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“Unless two agree, how can they walk together?”

There are a few principles that we would like to explore with you before we go any further. It is important that you grasp the nature of the New Breed Network, and understand that it provides training, coaching, and support within a network of churches. We are not a funding organization, but rather, are able to support you due to our being supported by the donations from those who desire to further the cause of church planting in the style of the apostles. The best way to determine whether you would benefit from training with the New Breed Network is to read Church Zero: Raising 1st Century Churches Out of the Ashes of the 21st Century Church by Peyton Jones.

We ask that you carefully read through the application process, and New Breed Network Agreement, in order to understand what’s expected of you, and grasp the nature of the New Breed Network.

At the outset, we would like to state that New Breed is extremely organic in it’s approach. We are not a “revolving door” or check-list type organization. Our desire is that we forge strong gospel centered partnerships with you between now and the time that you plant a church. Once all of the preliminary paperwork, references, and interviews are complete, we hope to know you better and better assist you in planting the church that God has already birthed as a burden on your heart.

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